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Local Links

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Mike Ross's Famous Links Page - My links page is divided into different alphabetized catagories. They are as follows: Area Info, Currituck County, Fishing, Home Information, How to get here and where to stay, Local interests, stories, recipes etc. Local news and radio stations, Recreation, Amusement and Golf, Restaurants... Oh yea!, Schools, Weather.
Southern Shores Realty - www.southernshores.com Since 1947 Southern Shores Realty has been providing superior service to Outer Banks property owners and visitors. We have the best in technology combined with the finest service this area has to offer.
The Avalon Pier LIVE WEB CAM - www.avalonpier.com/piercam.html Take a peek at the ocean on this LIVE WEB CAM. Enjoy!


Area Info:

Dare County Tax Department - www.co.dare.nc.us/interactive/setup.htm Dare County Tax Department's interactive site.
Dare County Water Department - www.co.dare.nc.us/waterhome/index.htm Dare County Water Department web site.
Dare County, NC - www.co.dare.nc.us/ Dare County Official web site
Duck Research Facility - www.frf.usace.army.mil/ The Duck Research Facility and Pier. Great site and has "LIVE CAMS".
Free 2001 Outer Banks Travel Guide - www.outerbanks.org/onlinerequestform.htm Go to this site to order your free 2001 Outer Banks Travel Guide. This is from the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau. They also have a toll free number posted if you would prefer to call and order.
Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce - www.outerbankschamber.com/ The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce is an excellent site for local information.
Outer Banks Insiders Guide - www.insiders.com/outerbanks/main-fishing.htm The Outer Banks Insiders Guide is a great book about The Outer Banks. Their web site is great too. You might want to visit this one.
The Outer Banks .com - www.theouterbanks.com/ Local company that puts out the "Beach Book" phone book some local magazines etc. They are supposed to have an on-line yellow page listing but I have a hard time getting it sometimes.
Town of Kill Devil Hills - www.kdh-nc.com/ The website of the Town of Kill Devil Hills or as we locals call it KDH.
Town of Kitty Hawk - www.townofkittyhawk.org/ The web site for the Town of Kitty Hawk.
Town of Nags Head - www.townofnagshead.net/ The web site for the Town of Nags Head.
Town of Southern Shores - www.southernshores.org/ The web site for the Town of Southern Shores.


Currituck County:

Currituck County NC - www.co.currituck.nc.us/ The County of Currituck's web site.
Currituck County Chamber of Commerce - www.currituckchamber.com/ The Currituck County Chamber of Commerce. Excellent site.
Currituck County Official On-Line Visitors Center. - www.albemarle-nc.com/currituck/ Currituck County's on-line visitors Center. Lots of information.



Avalon Fishing Pier LIVE CAM - www.avalonpier.com/piercam.html The Avalon Fishing pier's LIVE CAM is great. But also there is plenty of other info related to fishing. You should have my site bookmarked so you can visit this LIVE CAM anytime you need a peek at the ocean. Enjoy!
Beach Bum Fishing - www.beachbumfishing.com/ The Beach Bum Fishing web site seems to have everything. You should visit this site, even if just for the links.
Dr. Bogus Fishing Information - www.ncoif.com/fr_main.html Dr. Bogus's fishing information and updates.
Fish Mojo Fising Information - www.fishmojo.com/ Fishing information.
Fishing Information and Links - www.outerbanks.com/fishing/ The Outer Banks .com Fishing Information and Links page. Fisherman, visit this site.
Fishing Visitors Guide - www.outerbankschamber.com/vguide/fishing.cfm The Outer Banks Chamber's fishing and visitors guide. Great site.
Jennettes Fishing Pier - www.jennettespier.com/ Jennettes Fishing Pier and Whalebone Resort. Go here for fishing information etc.
Kitty Hawk Fishing Pier - www.surfchex.com/cameras/kittynew.htm This is a live cam from the Kitty Hawk Fishing Pier but the camera is "down" most of the time. What a shame.
Nags Head Pier - www.nagsheadpier.com/ The Nags Head Fishing pier web site. Information about the pier, fishing etc.
OBX Fishing - www.obxfishing.com/ OBX Fishing- George's Fishing Page is an excellent site. Fisherman, visit this site.
Pirate's Cove Marina - www.fishpiratescove.com/ Information about the marina, charters, etc.
Saltwater Sportfishing Report - www.sportfishing-report.com/ An online sportfishing magazine.
T I's On-Line Tackle Shop - www.tistackle.com/ T.I.'s On-Line Tackle Shop.
Whitney's Bait and Tackle Shop - www.whitneysbaitandtackle.com/ Local Bait and Tackle Shop.


Home Information:

American Home Shield Warranty - www.ahswarranty.com/ This company offers home warranties for both buyer and seller.


How to get here and where to stay:

Air Transportation Guide from the Chamber of Comme - www.outerbankschamber.com/vguide/air.cfm A guide to Air Transportation to The Outer Banks.
Limousine Service - www.astretchofthebeach.com "A Stretch of the Beach" Limousine Service. Luxury Transportation For All Occasions. They will pick you up at the airport. Stretch out and enjoy your luxury transportation to a night on the town or a day of shopping or a sightseeing tour to discover the Outer Banks. A Stretch of the Beach will comfortably seat six passengers. I can tell you their limo's are immaculate!!! Also you really have to be careful here about DUI's. So this is a great idea. Hey, you're on vacation!
Norfolk International Airport - www.norfolkairport.com/ Norfolk International Airport is the closest Int. airport to us. You can rent a car and be here in an hour and a half.
Routes and Mileage to The Outer Banks - www.outerbanks.org/routes&mileage.htm The Outer Banks Tourist Bureau's web site with directions and mileage to The Outer Banks. Also airport info. etc. Nice site.
Visitors Bureau's Guide to Motels/Hotels and B&B's - www.outerbanks.org/vacancy.htm The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau's Guide to motels hotels and B&B's. An excellent list of places to stay and a bit about them. If you have not booked a place, go to this site.


Local interests, stories, recipes etc.:

Barbecuen on the internet - www.barbecuen.com/ This site offers all kinds of advice on Grilling and cooking on grills etc. (This is not Eastern North Carolina style Bar-b-cue.) But is still a good site.
Blackbeard's Home Page - www.ocracoke-nc.com/blackbeard/ Stories and information about Blackbeard the Pirate. Interesting site. Scare me! Scare You?
Cooking with Chef Dirt - www.chefdirt.com/ Local chef with recipes, cooking tips and cookbooks.
Great Stories about the Coast - www.coastalguide.com/helmsman/ The Helmsman from the Coastal Guide. Stories of the Coast of North Carolina.
John Boy and Billy, The Big Show - www.thebigshow.com/ The John Boy and Billy Radio Show has become a Southern favorite. It is a morning radio show with two "Good Ol' Boys" that will have you in stitches. Their web site has hundreds of "top ten" lists. Visit it when you have lots of time. I have read plenty of them so there is no need to email me any of the lists from the web site. But there may be others who have not seen them.
North Carolina Pulled Pork Bar-B-Que - www.ibiblio.org/lineback/bbq/jnts.htm The Lexington Collection is a compilation of bar-b-que joints throughout NC. Eastern NC Bar-b-que is like no other. You really should try it to get the "flavor of NC". My favorite is not on the list. Just across the Wright Mem. Bridge in Curr. is Saul's Bar-b-que Cafe. I eat there at least once a week. Go in there and say, "Mike Ross says we should order the Family Style". They will start bringing you all kinds of fantastic food. And all you care to eat at that. Some of the selections you may have never eaten before. But you will love it. (Rick makes the best Southern Fried Chicken I have ever had.) Don't forget to save room for the banana puddin'. Yaw'll come back now, ya' hear!
Tales from the Coast - www.icw.net/tales/ A compilation of Tales from the Coast of North Carolina.


Local news and radio stations.:

Beach 104 Radio Station - www.beach104.com/ Local radio station with news, weather, fishing reports etc.
The Sentinal- A weekly newspaper serving The Outer - www.obsentinel.com/ The Sentinel is a weekly newspaper serving The Outer Banks.
WOBR Radio 95.3 - www.wobr.com/ WOBR 95.3 is a local rock station. But their main claim to fame is the morning John Boy and Billy Show. Check it out while you are here.


Mortgage information:

Beach Mortgage - www.beachmtg.com Beach Mortgage is a great Mortgage Company. We at Southern Shores Realty use them extensively. Give them a shot.


Recreation, Amusement and Golf:

A&A Atlantic Dolphin Watch - www.outerbankscruises.com/ The A&A Atlantic Dolphin watch and family fishing.
Chamber's list of Recreation and Amusement - www.outerbankschamber.com/vguide/amusements.cfm The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce's list of recreation and amusements. This is not complete at all.
Dolphin Watch - www.dolphin-watch.com/ Nags Head Dolphin Watch. This would be a fun thing to do while you are here. Check it out and see if it is for you.
Golf Information - www.outerbankschamber.com/vguide/golf.cfm The Outer Banks Chamber's golfing guide. Great site.
Jockey's Ridge State Park - www.ils.unc.edu/parkproject/jori.html The web site of the Jockey's Ridge State Park.
NC Aquariums Roanoke Island - www.aquariums.state.nc.us/ri/ The NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island is something else not to miss. Especially for children. My daughter loves it.
Roanoke Island Festival Park and the Elizabeth II - www.roanokeisland.com/index.html The Roanoke Island Festival Park has lots of things going on all of the time. You should try and visit the Elizabeth II a recreated Elizabethan era sailing ship. There are plays and concerts etc. Visit the web site and find out more.
Shops, Galleries, Churches, Bookstores, Rentals et - www.outerbanks.org/shopping.htm The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau has compiled a great list of shops, bookstores, churches, galleries, antique stores etc. This is a very helpful list with links.
Stretch Limousine Service - www.astretchofthebeach.com "A Stretch of the Beach" Limousine Service. Luxury Transportation For All Occasions. They will pick you up at the airport. Stretch out and enjoy your luxury transportation to a night on the town or a day of shopping or a sightseeing tour to discover the Outer Banks. A Stretch of the Beach will comfortably seat six passengers. I can tell you their limo's are immaculate!!! Also you really have to be careful here about DUI's. So this is a great idea. Hey, you're on vacation!
Sunny Day Mag. Activity Guide - www.sunnydayguide.com/ob/actframe.htm The Sunny Day Magazine's guide to activities. Cruises, charters, min. golf, parks and nature centers, kayak, jet ski and sailboat rentals, etc.
The Downeast Rover - www.downeastrover.com/ The Downeast Rover is a 55' topsail schooner. They have daily cruises. It looks like fun.
The Lost Colony - www.thelostcolony.org/ The Lost Colony!!! Wow, what a great thing to do while you are on The Outer Banks. This is a must. Just remember this takes place at night right on the water. So do not forget to take bug spray and a blanket. (You can sit on the blanket and then if it gets cool you can keep warm.)
The Outer Banks Shopping Village - www.outer-banks.com/village/index.cfm The Outer Banks Shopping Village has extensive lists of shops, galleries, photographers, recreation spots etc.
Wreck-Diving - www.nc-wreckdiving.com/ Wreck-Diving in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Looks like a good site even if you are not a diver.


Restaurants... Oh yea!:

Dare County Tourist Bureau's Restaurant Guide - www.outerbanks.org/nbeachrest.htm The Dare County Tourist Bureau's Restaurant Guide. This is a very complete list of most all of the restaurants on The Outer Banks. It tells a bit about the restaurant and whether they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the restaurants have their own web sites.
Sunny Day Magazine Restaurant Guide - www.sunnydayguide.com/ob/dinefram.htm The Sunny Day Magazine's restaurant and dining guide. They also have a listing for "nightlife".
The Chamber's Restaurant Guide - www.outerbankschamber.com/vguide/restaurants2.cfm The Outer Banks Chamber's Restaurant Guide.



ASD (American School Directory) - www.asd.com Browse through all our nations schools.
College of the Albemarle - www.albemarle.cc.nc.us/dare/ The Dare Campus of the College of the Albemarle.
Dare County School System - www.dare.k12.nc.us/ The web site of the Dare County School System
First Flight Elementary School. - www.pinn.net/~ffes/ The First Flight Elementary School's web site.
First Flight Middle School - www.firstflightmidschool.com/ffms/default.asp The First Flight Middle School web site.
Kitty Hawk Elementary School - www.dare.k12.nc.us/khs/ The web site of the Kitty Hawk Elementary School. k-5 Fantastic school!
Manteo Elementary School - www.pinn.net/~mes/ Manteo Elementary School's web site.
Manteo High School - www.dare.k12.nc.us/mhs/ Manteo High School's web site.
Manteo Middle School - www.pinn.net/~mms/ The web site for the Manteo Middle School.



Local Weather - www.weather.com/weather/us/zips/27949.html Up to the minute accurate weather reports on the area!


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